Monday, November 20, 2017

Playlist of the week

I created this playlist a few weeks ago for me to listen to at work because I was really in a shitty mood no thanks to a super shitty human being I work with. It is a mix of my favorite metal songs from all sub-genres like symphonic metal and industrial metal. I also couldn't resist and throw in some cheesy hair metal into the mix to lighten up the mood.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

This week at work I listened mostly to my playlists but I did manage to get in some albums that needed to be heard. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to listen to the new Evanescence album but I will eventually. Hopefully tomorrow I will. I did though get to listen to the new Amberian Dawn album. This is my first time hearing music by the band. I liked what heard. I listened to the album again this morning. The music has started growing on me with every listen. I have tried to listen to the new Primitive Race album but I just couldn't get into their music. Not my cup of tea unfortunately. Voltaire has a new album out called Heart-Shaped Wound. I need to listen to it a few more times but at the moment I just am not feeling it.

This weekend I am on an Autumn kick. Yesterday I listened to The Hating Tree twice and today Return to the Breath. Both albums have really stood the test of time right now. I can't believe it has been 20 years since The Hating Tree came out. This version has two tracks not included on the original version. I ended up buying the 20th Anniversary edition of the album on bandcamp. Right now I am listening to the new single "The Fall". The second song on the EP "Before and After" is a gorgeous ballad. That remix of "The Fall" by William Faith is really something else.

One of my favorite synthpop acts Cosmic Armchair recently and finally released their debut album Contact. I have been waiting for this album for the past couple of years. I discovered Cosmic Armchair somewhere on the internet. I forgot how ;). I have listened to the album a couple of times. It is a great album. Go check them out!

Another great album I love is Tarja's winter album From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas). I will let her music speak for itself. I love hearing Tarja sing within the classical genre. Not that I don't love her work in the metal world but she is amazing when she is singing classical.




Friday, November 17, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

I really wasn't sure if I was going to post my latest mix tonight since I went to see the Justice League but in the end I decided to do it. I have included quite a bit of new music.

Tarja's new winter album From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) just came out today. I got to listen to it today after work and I enjoyed it immensely. Another album that was released today was Cosmic Armchair's debut album Contact. I have been waiting for this album to come out for some time. I discovered them online like 3-4 years ago. Definitely well worth the wait.  I have included a track from both albums.

I almost forgot that Amberian Dawn and Aurelio Voltaire have new albums out so I listened to those albums this week along with the new albums by and Primitive Race. I will be brutally honest, I was not particularly keen on the Primitive Race album. I need a bit more time on the MIB album but I do particularly enjoy the song "Coming Down". I am though digging the new Amberian Dawn album a lot.

I am thoroughly enjoying the self-titled album by The Dark Element, the new band that features ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. There are a lot of great songs on the album but the last track on the album "Only One Who Knows Me" is my personal fave.

I know I included "Mimi Forms" from Astronomique on last week's playlist but I have been listening to it on a daily basis (just like Autumn's "The Fall" EP). It is a great song. Glad to see the band come out with some new tunes before the year's end.

Threw a few oldies but goodies on the playlist like "Mysterious Times" by Sash! featuring Tina Cousins on vocals, "Steep" by Lauren Christy, "The Cruelest Year" by Assemblage 23 (I think if there is one song that would sum up 2017 for me it is this song), "Even Now" by Autumn, "Roselake" by Elane, and "Star of the Sea' by Mediaeval Baebes.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Earworm of the week

I must admit what I have to say tonight is pretty damn funny. I woke up early this morning on my day off around 4-5 am (which I eventually went back to sleep). And the first thing that popped in my head when I woke up? "Even Now" by Autumn. I kid you not this song started playing in my head. I don't know how this song got into my head but it did this morning and it stayed in my head all day. "Even Now" is my favorite ballad off the band's excellent debut album The Hating Tree (20th Anniversary Edition) as well as one of my favorite songs by the band.

Funny thing is that this past week I have spent listening mostly to new music by Amberian Dawn, The Dark Element, Voltaire, Astronomique, Hydrah, Grendel, iVardensphere,, Diary of Dreams, and Primitive Race, obviously not a lot of Autumn except on my Random Mix playlists (although today I listened to The Hating Tree twice).

Having been in a shitty, melancholic mood lately, I think the song resonates with me so well is because of the lyrical content. The song is so somber and dark which my state of mind has been in for the past few months since losing my father back in late July.

"and in the morning
after years had passed
it seems
oh even now to overwhelm me
and in the stillness
after life has passed..."

The music is absolutely stunning. I will let the youtube clip speak for itself. I hope people will see why I love this song so much (as well as the band).

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Album of the week

In the past few days, I really had a difficult time trying to figure out what album I was going to post for my album of the week blog entry. It was a toss up between the new albums by Amberian Dawn, The Dark Element, Grendel, and the 20th anniversary edition of The Hating Tree by my favorite band Autumn. Ultimately in the end I ended up with the self-titled album by The Dark Element. I have been listening to it every day since it dropped last Friday.

The Dark Element is features former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon and former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen, rounding out with Jonas Kuhlberg on bass and Jani Hurula on drums. I have been excited about this new project since it was unveiled over social media months ago. I thought releasing four songs prior to the album's release was very smart and to attract people's attention. The band unleashed four tracks prior to the release which made me all the more excited.
I was very happy to see Anette back doing what her voice was best suited for...symphonic metal.

Over the last few years I have come to appreciate Anette's work in Nightwish but to be honest I thought she needed to be in a band whose music really complimented her style of singing. Tuomas' music is more geared to classically trained singers but that is my opinion. I think Anette found the band she deserved to be in with The Dark Element. The results is wonderful. Anette's vocals really shine on The Dark Element. The rest of the band is as talented as their lead singer. I really enjoyed Jani's guitar solo on the ballad "Heaven of Your Heart".

I won't lie, the album is not completely flawless. I think some tweaks will be needed here and there on the music and lyrics for the next album. There were a couple of tracks that fell flat to this music fan because the melodies didn't really grab me by my ears like "Here's to You", "Someone You Used to Know", and "Only One Who Knows Me" .  Despite the minor flaws, the music overall has great melodic hooks and the musicianship is top notch. I look forward to hearing more from The Dark Element and hope for a long, prosperous career for the band.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Playlist of the week

So tonight on a whim, I started editing all of my Random Mix playlists but mostly my Random Mix IV. I transferred a few songs from my first RM playlist to my fourth mix (i.e Autumn's "Desert Winds of Jezebel" and "Red"). While the playlist does not stick to one particular genre, I have added quite a bit of synthpop into the mix like Colony 5, Kitten,  CHROM, Daybehaviour, Astronomique, and Moonlight Cove. I love these Random Mixes I put together. They make my work day so much more bearable.