Saturday, September 23, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Today I went over to the annual fall garage sale at my favorite record store the Electric Fetus. I picked up some singles and CDs. I found a couple of Curve singles, Parallel Dreams by Loreena McKennitt, Exit Popularity Contest by Apoptygma Berzerk, and Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. I only paid $5.39 for purchases. They certainly worth every penny. I am a long time fan of Loreena McKennitt so it was a no brainer to me to buy Parallel Album. It is a beautiful album. Same can be said about The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. I have been very curious about the new Apop album but it is not available for streaming on Spotify so to find a copy for $1 was a real steal. I actually enjoyed the album. Sure beats that last two pieces of shit that Stephan Groth released (Me and You Against the World and Rocket Science), and no I am not sorry for being that brutally honest.

This past week I actually listened to quite a few albums and not a whole lot to my playlists asides from the usual suspects. After reading up on the Xandria debacle in which now former singer Dianne was shown the door by her former bandmates (and they even had the balls to message her saying that they are not friends), I had to check out her other band Ex Libris, a progressive metal band. From what I have heard Ex Libris the music is pretty good but I definitely need to listen to more of it to allow the music to grow on me. Damn shame Dianne's time in Xandria was short lived and the guys were complete dicks to her on social media. Yeah, that band lost a fan in me.

I almost forgot that Metric's Emily Haines has a new album out called Choir of the Mind. I really wanted to like it however I just found the music to be too mellow for my tastes. Plus I like Emily's work with Metric more so.

My favorite album at the moment is the new Inkubus Sukkubus album. It is absolutely delightful to listen and I do recommend checking it out. Another excellent goth album I also recommend checking out is The Spiritual Bat's Your Own World (and the Vision of Sound).

Apoptygma Berzerk: Exit Popularity Contest


Friday, September 22, 2017

Current favorite songs of the week

For the first time in a long time this summer I have had a pretty good week. My mood has been pretty good this week. No one pissed me off for once. LOL! Got another appointment booked at 4Points Body Gallery, got a new project to work on at the office (and I hate to sound petty but I hope my teammate who slacks off is annoyed), and my property tax refund was deposited in my bank account this week so it has been a good week for me.

I have quite a few new songs on this week's playlist. I am completely loving the new Inkubus Sukkubus album Belas Knap Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder, Vol.2.  "Gallows Lane" is my current favorite song off the album.

If you haven't hear the new Zola Jesus album Okovi, I definitely recommend checking it out. It is soooo good. All the songs are great but I currently digging the track "Ash to Bone". Might have to go to her upcoming show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall next month.

One of my top five favorite songs at the moment is Chvrches cover of Tegan and Sara's "Call It Off" from an upcoming album of artists covering songs off the Tegan and Sara album The Con. I have listened to both Chvrches version as well as Tegan and Sara's version. I like both versions a lot but as a synthpop fan, I have to admit Chvrches' version has a special place in my heart.

Other great cover songs I have included on this playlist is "Open Your Heart"  (Madonna) performed by The Birthday Massacre, and "I Melt With You"(Modern English) performed by Natalie Imbruglia. I am particularly a big fan of TBM's' cover of the classic Madonna song. Gotta love the crunchy guitar riffs.

I almost forgot until this week that the Italian goth band The Spiritual Bat has a new album Your Own World (and the Vision of Sound), it is very good so check it out. My favorite song of the album "Caress the Scar" is featured on this week's playlist.

The more I listen to the new Arch Enemy album Will to Power, the more it grows on me.

I have been listening a lot to Xandria lately, well their releases featuring their now ex-singer Dianne van Giersbergen. If you haven't heard about what happened, Dianne got kicked out of the band because she needed time to take care of her physical health. The band wasn't hearing none of it. They gave some ridiculous excuse on their Facebook page and needless to say, I am not a fan of them anymore. Who on earth goes through five singers in less than ten years? Talk about ridiculous. Anyways, Dianne was why I started to listen to Xandria. I think she is the only singer that can come close to former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen. I have included their song "Come With Me" from their album Sacrificium, the first Xandria album I bought.

Believe it or not, I have thrown in a couple country/western songs. Not a huge Dixie Chicks album but I admit some of their music is super catchy. I am particularly fond of "Everybody Knows". The other song is from the sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer from their album Not So Dark which probably will end up in my top 10 best of list.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Earworm of the Week

This week I have been listening to my playlist of my favorite cover songs by various artists/bands. One of my personal faves that has been stuck in my head is The Birthday Massacre's version of "Open Your Heart" by Madonna. I actually prefer this version with all the guitar riffs and Chibi's vocals. The original version is good but I love the guitar riffs on TBM's version. Never really was a huge Madonna fan like many people were in the '80s. I liked her music but just never got into her as much as a lot of people did. Different strokes for different folks I suppose..

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Album of the week

This week I almost forgot that one of my favorite goth bands from eons ago Inkubus Sukkubus has a new album out. It is called Bela Knap Tales of  Witchcraft and Wonder 2. I have been listening to it quite a bit for the past 24 hours. In fact I am on my third listen today. I definitely recommend checking it out (as well as the rest of their catalog).

Monday, September 18, 2017

Playlist of the week

Only on a Monday would the weather suck so much. Temperatures were only in the 50s and it was raining when I left work this afternoon so I got wet while waiting for my bus. When I got home this afternoon, I decided to put together this playlist for this dreary weather. On the upside, my fall allergies are nowhere to be seen and heard unlike yesterday. LOL!

I have a mix bag of music ranging from Ashram to VNV Nation, some goth to synthpop. I avoided adding some trip hop because I felt it would be too obvious. The closest is Goldfrapp's "Paper Bag", one of my favorite tracks off their classic Felt Mountain. Also threw on the gorgeous cover of "Hotel California" by Noblesse Oblige. Not a fan of the original but this version sounds amazing as a electropop song. Of course I had to throw in some standard post punk songs by the likes of The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy. Of course you know damn well I had to throw in some Autumn (along with some Dead Can Dance) into the mix. I will let the entire playlist  speak for itself but I will say that it does capture the mood of the weather where I live as I sit at my desk typing this blog entry while listening to my new playlist.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

This week just wasn't a very good week for me mood-wise. It was really hard for me to find music that would make me feel productive at work or just happy in general. All this week I have been listening a lot to my first two random mix playlists especially the second volume. I have a lot of cheesy '90s pop music on the second mix so that seems to have been a good distraction. I also have been listening to a lot to music outside of synthpop and industrial music, case in point my Mary Chapin Carpenter and Loreena McKennit playlists. I find both women's voices very comforting to listen to this week.

The more I listen to the new Arch Enemy album this past week, the more the music has grown on me. I still think War Eternal is a better but I am really liking Will to Power as time goes on with every listen. Another new release I am digging is the new Zola Jesus album Okovi. I loved her last album Taiga. Certainly was not disappointed with her new effort. I am still mulling over whether or not to see her in concert next month.

It has been awhile since I listened to VNV Nation's Resonance album. Perfect music for my current mood. I absolutely love the classical interpretations of the duo's music.