Friday, January 19, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

I had the day off today and I am going to be away from my laptop for the rest of the afternoon and will be going to over to my mom's place in Woodbury because I have a memorial service to attend tomorrow. I figured I would get in this week's playlist ASAP. This week I got a good mix of new and older songs.

This week I discovered some new bands such as: Second StillMiniatures, and We the North. They are definitely worth checking out. I especially love the Melbourne band Miniatures. They remind me of Lush, Tamaryn, and Belly. Essentially if you are fan of dreampop/shoegaze, go give Miniatures a listen. Their music is very dreamy.

Although it is not what I normally listen to, I have been enjoying the hell out of Silhouette of Sirens by Chastity Brown. Chastity's music is the sort of music one would want to chill out to in the morning on the weekends with a nice steaming cup of coffee. Her music is a mix of folk, rock, soul, and country. My current favorite track from the album is "Drive Slow".

This week I finally started to listen more to Diary of Dream's Hell in Eden. I have neglected it for awhile but this past week at work I started listening to it more often. It is an excellent album. Very moody and atmospheric.

After all these years, I still love Radiohead's Ok Computer. Talk about a huge departure from their first two albums which was more rock orientated. I just love the track "Exit Music (For a Film)". The song still gives me the chills.

Another band I recommend giving a listen to is the Chicago band Wingtips. The band is actually coming to town next month ( I might have to venture out and go to that show since I am not able to make it to the Kanga show tomorrow night for personal reasons.

Songs to check out:
"Hologram" by The Horrors
"Without Saying" by Miniatures
"New Barn" by Second Still
"The Spaces Between the Lines" by  A Covenant of Thorns
"Nightcall" by We the North
"Last Minute" by Wingtips

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Throwback Thursday

In case you haven't heard, Grendel and Aesthetic Perfection has a show coming up in early May at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. I thought I would do another Throwback Thursday post with some videos from the two bands when they have come to town in recent years.


Aesthetic Perfection (2014 at Ground Zero)

The Cabooze in 2010 (with Combichrist)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Earworm of the week

Ever since the sudden passing of The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan (RIP), I have been listening a lot to their first Everyone Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We? quite a bit in the past 48 hours. Tonight, their song "Linger" from the album suddenly popped into my head. It is a beautiful ballad. I really love the opening notes to the song.

Everyone Else is Doing It, So So Why Can't We? is my favorite album by the Irish rock band, I enjoyed their other albums in the coming years but this one is my personal favorite. I remember listening to it as a freshman in college with a roommate of mine. Although the band never became a favorite of mine as much say other '90s faves like Lush and Belly, I still enjoyed The Cranberries music. The unexpected passing of Dolores saddens me and is a reminder how short and precious life is especially since she was only three years older than me. RIP Dolores. Your voice will live on forever in your music.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Album of the week

If you haven't heard of A Covenant of Thorns now would be a great time to check them out. I discovered the band through Facebook a couple of weeks ago. For the past few days, I have been listening a lot to 2004's If The Heavens Should Fall album. It is a beautiful, lush album. The album is very mellow and relaxing to listen to with a dash of melancholy thrown into the mix. Perfect music to chill out to on a cold winter's night after work. I am reminded a bit of Diary of Dreams when the music is toned down a bit and with less deeper vocals. The new EP Requiem is pretty good but I need to listen to it a few more times before I say anything else about it.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Playlist of the week

Over the weekend I was inspired to create a playlist of my favorite synthpop songs from the past ten years from 2007-2017. For some of the bands, I chose the less obvious tracks such as "Darkflow" by Assemblage 23 as opposed to "Bravery", or I went with "Smaller" from Ashbury Heights instead of "Spiders". I felt like those songs get a lot of play time on my other play lists. I tried to keep the playlist to not so recent music but I did have to throw in  songs from 2017 such as "Return" from Namnambulu, "But Not Tonight" by T.O.Y. and Gary Numan's "My Name is Ruin". I really hope to do a list of my favorite synthpop albums from 2007-2017 sometime in the coming weeks.

Songs to check out:
"Refuge" by Client
"Smaller" by Ashbury Heights
"Far From Pain" by Mondtraume
"Dreams in Black and White" by Zynic
"Intentions" by Sensuous Enemy
"Full Attack" by Marsheaux

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekly office playlist

The weekend came and went way too quickly. For this week's collection of music I want and will try to listen to at work, I used Post-Punk's Best of 2017 list [] as a reference and chose some of the albums featured on the list. I have included albums by Sally Dige, The Horrors, Second Still, Pawns,  and Egrets on Ergot. I am really trying to broaden my musical horizons. I think the website itself is a good place to start.

This afternoon, I discovered the band Black Nail Cabaret on Spotify.  I really liked what I had heard so I have included their album Emerald City on the list. If you like coldwave, I definitely recommend checking out this band.

I thought this week I would try to listen to some albums that came out last year I kinda neglected like Broken Legacies by Hexheart's Midnight on a Moonless Night,, The Fellow Traveller by Frozen Autumn, All American Made by Margo Price, and Hell in Eden by Diary of Dreams. So many great albums came out, those albums got pushed aside, and to be perfectly honest some of the music on one or more of these albums really didn't stick out with me and I completely forgot about them.

A-Ha: MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice

Android Lust: Evolution

The Azoic: Forward

Beborn Beton: Nightfall

Black Nail Cabaret: Emerald City

Book of Love: Lullaby

Charlotte Someone: Magnetar

Chastity Brown: Silohuette of Sirens

A Covenant of Thorns: If The Heavens Should Fall

Diary of Dreams: Hell in Eden

Egrets on Ergot: Surfeit of Gemutlich

The Frozen Autumn: The Fellow Traveller

Grendel: The Age of the Disposable Body

Hexheart: Midnight on a Moonless Night

The Horrors: V

iamamiwhoami: Blue

Margo Price: All American Made Broken Legacies

Nightwish: Imaginaerum (the score)

Pawns: The Gallows

Psy'Aviah: Introspection-Extrospection

Psy'Aviah: Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars

Sally Dige: Holding On

Second Still: Second Still

T.O.Y.: Space Radio

Tarja: My Winter Storm

Ultranoir: Ultranoir

Ultranoire: Intronaut

Various Artists: The Shape of Water

White Sea: Tropical Odds

Wolfsheim: Spectators

X-Marks the Pedwalk: The House of Rain

Zynic: Neon Oblivion

My favorite synthpop songs from the past decade (new playlist)

Virtual Gods: My Favorite Psy'Aviah Songs

Of Moondrop Tears: My Autumn Playlist

Artesia playlist

Empires: My Favorite VNV Nation songs

Amaranth: My Favorite Nightwish Songs

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Spotify is goofy. Or the webpage I use to get the code to post my albums and playlists. Apparently I have posted certain albums and playlists a little too much. Go figure. I have posted links to the playlists I have been listening to this week because of that reason.

Is it February yet? I am getting way too impatient for the new Autumn album Chandelier. So I have been listening to my Autumn playlist a lot to tide me over until the album is released. In the meantime here is a great review of their single "The Fall" from [].

Today I came across the best of list from from ( and added some interesting music to my Spotify account. I recently listened to one of the albums on the list which is Sally Dige's Holding On. If you haven't heard of Sally Dige, I certainly recommend checking out her music. Judging from my initial listen to the album, I liked what I had heard.

Another band I recommend checking out is A Covenant of Thorns. Never heard of them until recently via Facebook. I have been listening to their new EP Requiem quite a bit. If you like Covenant, Ultranoire, and Diary of Dreams I certainly recommend checking out A Covenant of Thorns. I have to listen to David Allen Williams' other works and hopefully I will in the next few days. I like what I have heard so far.

I recently picked up some CDs from the library this past week (Radiohead's OK Computer, Ennio Morricone's The Essential Ennio Morricone, and Chastity Brown's Silhouettes of Sirens).

I am not a huge Radiohead fan but they have put out some solid albums over the years. OK Computer is one of my favorite Radiohead albums. The music isn't easily accessible but it is a beautiful piece of work. The band's compositions (first foray into electronic music) is a far cry from their first two albums. I was listening to it this morning and the music sent chills down my spine. My favorite Radiohead track of all time is "Exit Music (For a Film)" and always will be my favorite Radiohead song. Such a haunting track.

Before listening to Radiohead, I was listening to the new Chastity Brown album. I honestly never heard her music only since I don't cover that sort of music on my blog. I didn't go into it with any expectations because I had never taken the time to listen to her music before but I honestly enjoyed listening to every single track on her new album. It is a nice mellow album to chill out to on this cold Saturday morning (when I listened to it).

Absolutely love the Ennio Morricone compilation I also got from the library this past week. His compositions are amazing.

If you haven't heard the new Ari Mason album or the band Ultranoire please listen to their music. They have been getting lots of play from me. Both artist and band are my current faves at the moment. I especially have been enjoying Ultranoire's music so much.



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Random Mix II

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